Our Partners at Home Grown Outfitters and Love The Grind all play a huge roll in our success. 



Our goal is to have the best whitetail hunting properties in the world, and to do that we need good sources of food on our properties. Good sources of food offer both nutrition for growth, as well as increasing our odds to harvest the bucks we’re after. After a couple seasons of testing out different seeds we noticed one company’s results stood apart from the rest; Domain Outdoor’s! Domain has hand selected the highest quality seeds and ingredients so we can be confident when using their products time and time again. We exclusively use Domain Outdoor seed mixes for all of our food plot needs. Shop their page, we guarantee there’s a product for you!



Since purchasing and testing our first Redneck Blind years ago, we have not purchased another brand of blinds since. They are an absolute game-changer and introduce an entirely new strategy and comfort to hunting. Buffalo County’s terrain presents significant wind swirling and thermal rising challenges and Redneck Blinds is the only answer as they have proven to conceal our scent entirely. We place our blinds based on access and deer movement, not wind, and that has subsequently allowed us to create secluded food sources and satellite bedding closer than ever to bucks bedrooms.



Rivers Edge has been the industry leader in treestands for several decades. For as long as we can recall, we’ve been leaning on their products to help us capitalize on hunts. Not only have their treestands been reliably consistent for decades, they’ve also continued to enhance their technology over the years; offering the most innovative and reliable treestands on the market. When we’re not in a blind, we’re in a Rivers Edge treestand.



onX Hunt has changed the way we scout, design,& hunt our farms. Whether we’re on site marking stands/trails/plots or working remotely to design our farms, it is the most important tool we use on a daily basis.



The patented scent elimination technology of Ozonics is scientifically proven to maximize your existing opportunities and create new ones you thought were unattainable. The majority of our properties includes varying terrain that cause swirling and unpredictable winds. Ozonics is the only scent eliminating tool on the market we have found effective to be able to hunt where we want, when we want. We do not leave camp without one!



Serving WI and MN for 42 years, they’re #1 when it comes to understanding and providing knowledge of properties. Not only do they sell hunting land, but they also specialize in farms and rural homes! They are our dedicated land specialists at Home Grown Outfitters & Love The Grind TV!



We have used nearly ever camera manufacturer on the market over the years and nothing has compared to the performance of Cuddeback Cameras. The CuddeLink technology aligns perfectly with our low pressure Strategy at Home Grown, and as a result we have teamed up with Cuddeback for all of our 2020 trail camera needs.



Elevated Arms is a newly founded company with the world’s most innovative and efficient shooting system created to date. No other stock on the market features both a built-in bipod and monopod. The Model X has both AND it’s easy to carry and comfortable in your hands. We are ecstatic to be partnering with a company that is well on its way to taking over the shooting system market. Look for their new shooting system to be featured in all of our gun hunts going forward!



When it comes to World Class Property designs, they don’t mean anything if you can’t access them effectively. Quiet Kat Ebikes are essential tools that we use on all of our properties to not only access hard to get to areas, but do so quietly and undetected.