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Welcome To Home Grown Outfitters & Love The Grind TV

About Home Grown

Home Grown Outfitters

Home Grown Outfitters has a mission to redefine the outfitter experience for the client. Based out of Buffalo County (Wisconsin), Home Grown is the only outfitter that owns every farm hunted by clients & reinvests every client dollar back into the farms. That means when you book a hunt at Home Grown, your contribution is reinvested back into habitat improvements on Home Grown farms.  Clients are investing in themselves and wildlife habitat at Home Grown. 

Since 2018, Home Grown has been strategically purchasing and renovating farms; turning them into world class hunting properties, while letting deer grow to record book size.  Currently, Home Grown owns 20 farms across Buffalo County.  The properties are designed one by one by experts and put the hunter, food, and water close to the bucks bedrooms, increasing your chances to harvest the buck of a lifetime at a close distance during daylight hours. 

Whether you are a returning client or a client that has saved up for a hunt for many years, you are treated equal at Home Grown. With an abundance in properties, stand locations, and mature bucks every hunter will have an equal chance at the buck of a lifetime. There are several great outfitters in the area and across the Midwest, but you will not hunt with an outfitter that applies less pressure on their properties. At Home Grown you will not be limited to one property or one guide, we are a team and will do everything we can to help you harvest a record book trophy.  

If you are not interested or able to book a hunt at Home Grown, there is still a place for you here.  See our Love The Grind TV brand details below for additional information.

About Buffalo County

About Buffalo County

Located in west central Wisconsin, Buffalo County produces more record book bucks per square mile than anywhere in the world. Because of its extreme topographical features, it is an area that is home to countless world class deer and gives hunters a legitimate chance at a record book deer at any moment. It can produce mature, world class whitetails on even small tracts of land as the extreme changes in topography and swirling winds gives the bucks the upper hand for survival.  This allows for a challenging, yet rewarding hunting experience just about anywhere in the county.  Home Grown has specifically targeted Buffalo County to purchase properties that are already home to great whitetail habitat and take the properties to unmatched measures.

Love The Grind TV

Love The Grind TV

Home Grown Outfitters has taken its dedication and passion for habitat improvement and created its own television show, video platform, and habitat consultation company called Love The Grind (TV). 

Love The Grind represents the entire land management and habitat improvement process from Spring to Winter; allowing viewers to follow along throughout the course of the year and learn about the grind of owning and improving tracts of land.  

Through the television show and video platform, we are dedicated to producing a blend of habitat and hunting videos.  The habitat (How-To) videos can be found on our YouTube digital platform & give viewers a chance to see the planning and analyzing that goes into designing and improving our farms.  The hunting segments offer a proof of concept to our strategies. 

Our hunting series can be found on the Sportsman Channel and gives viewers a unique and innovative viewpoint into not just the hunts, but the preparation for the hunts! 

Through the consulting services, we offer to come in and help design your farm.  Whether it's 40 acres or 400+, we'll take a look and offer our guidance to help you improve your hunting experience and bring your property to the next level!

We take pride in doing differentiating work to our properties to increase our chances at harvesting mature deer, and we want to share that process with you.  You do not need to be a client of Home Grown Outfitters to follow along and learn from our habitat improvement work. We Love The Grind and our objective with this brand is to grow the hunting community and learn from each other and enhance wildlife habitat. 

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